U-Boat Watches when thankfully florescent colors went out

pCasio loves hooking up with talent such as this. Urban, relevant, and thought provoking. It isn’t as much a way to sell watches, as it is a way to get Casio into pop culture. And in that they have succeeded. The watch seen here  (ref. GA110DR-1A) is a version of the new GA110 line of G-Shock watches. I reviewed a cousin model to this, the Casio GA100 here. Ricky & Dee embark on adding their own mixture of colors to the watch – and Casio seems happy to oblige. It is a series of bold,watches-replica.org.uk/uboat-c-42.html”U-Boat Watches, contrasting colors, and it sticks out. A watch for people who want attention – which many do.p


pWhen I first learned about this new Dee & Ricky limited edition G-Shock watches, I was like WTF?! Not that I would wear it, but I can appreciate the culture that created it. The watch design really started in the 1980s, though the designs may not be aware of that. It was the time of Lego and bright colors, and when wearing wild hues was fashionable until the mid 1990s (when thankfully florescent colors went out). The lineage of the style also is related to 8 bit gaming. Nintendo brought bright colors before our eyes on a daily basis in blocky glory. This watch is the summation of an entire pop culture generation. Nerds with focus, geeks with passion.  Designers Dee & Ricky are New York born twins who are self taught and highly inspired by their youth. If this watch is at all questionable to you, then simply view the video they made below with direct and video artist Kenzo Digital (which will appeal to all Lego and G-Shock fans). Don’t worry, the Casio part of it comes in later in the video – though I promise you, it does. The film is actually called “Super Ultra Kara-Tay” (starring Dee & Ricky). When it comes down to it… these “street fighters” need the power of a mystical watch to beat the bad guy. About as silly as Saturday morning cartoons from 1989, and as fun.p


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pWith only a slight premium over the non-limited edition models of the new GA110, the watch will only cost $130 – and I am not sure how many models are in the limited edition set. Functions remain the same as the standard model. Which are the time, 1/1000 second chronograph with tacyhmeter, several alarms, world time, 200 meters of water resistance, calendar, back-lights, etc… Note the use of standard and negative LCD displays. If you like it, then they are available at certain Casio G-Shock authorized dealers.p