Omega Caliber 863 Movement

Gold Speedmaster - Caliber 863

You might recognize this model from one of our recent Speedy Tuesday articles. This Speedmaster ’57 Replica model was also done in stainless steel, but Omega also produced 150 of them in 18 carat gold. In this article, we showed Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler wearing one. The case back has the regular Moonwatch engraving (the stainless steel version does not!) and has been engraved with its unique number. Furthermore, it had a sapphire crystal and the new generation of Lemania / Omega hand-wound movements, caliber 1863. Based on the 863, but with an extra jewel and a rhodium plated finish.

n 1999, Omega introduced this white gold Speedmaster Professional Moonphase. Based on the same Lemania movement with moon phase complication (add-on module) as the 1985 Speedmaster Moonphase models, but in a white gold Speedmaster Professional case. When it was released I was under the impression it was meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo XI mission, but there is no such reference on the watch itself. This watch was in production for just a few years, but you don’t come across them very often. This model was only available on a leather strap with folding buckle. Inside, the caliber 1866 movement was fitted. The white gold case back had the standard NASA engraving, like the regular Speedmaster Pro production. Rumor is that there are less than 300 pieces of this watch produced, this is unconfirmed though.

The prices of gold Speedmaster watches start around €10.000 Euro, but don’t expect it to come with any original boxes and paperwork. That said, add a few more and you will have a complete package. For this money, you can also buy a very nice vintage Speedmaster (references 105.012, 145.012 or 105.003 for example), so that might explain why some (purist) collectors rather go for that instead of gold. Or perhaps the gold Speedmasters are still a bit of unknown territory. The interest in gold Speedmaster watches is increasing though, be it very slowly, as prices have increased quite a bit since we originally wrote these two-part articles on the gold Moonwatch models.

Without further ado, below you will find a full overview of all gold Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch models from 1995 till today.Last week we showed you an (updated) overview of all gold Speedmaster Moonwatch models from 1969 till 1995. Let’s continue with these gold Speedmaster watches from 1995 onwards. This article goes back to 2015, but since then, a number of watches in gold have been added to the Speedmaster family. We will keep it Moonwatch only though, so no gold Speedmaster Racing or other 9×00 caliber models.

We ended part I with a 1995 gold Speedmaster Professional that was commemorating the MIR mission of July 1993 – July 1994, where 7 of these gold Speedmaster Professional watches were on board of the space station. Probably the rarest model of all gold Moonwatch models. Also, at the end of the first part, we showed you the regular gold Speedmaster Professional watch that was in production until a few years ago. You might have seen this watch appearing in the flick Money Monster with (Omega ambassador) George Clooney.