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Breitling is one of the original pioneers of the wristwatch chronograph, a complication that has come to define the brand’s collection. Breitling enjoys close links with the world of aviation, both through its collection of aeronautically themed timepieces and through associations with events such as the Reno Air Races. In 2009, Breitling unveiled its own chronograph movement, the Calibre 01, which was followed in 2011 by the Calibre 04.

Models of Breitling from the casual day to day Windrider collection include the Chronomat Evolution, the Chronomat B01, Blackbird, Galactic, and Chrono Galactic.
The Professional collection includes tailored watches for the Aviation world such as the famous Emergency and Emergency Mission watch fitted with a built in micro transmitter which, when activated, broadcasts to the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency which helps save lives after a crash or forced landing