Patek Philippe Calatrava

The Best Rose Gold Unisex <a href= Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to share the love than with a beautiful timepiece in rose gold? On trend for the past couple of years, everyone from Michelle Obama to Minnie Mouse is falling for this delicate take on gold. One to Watch takes a look at this popular metal and shares some of David’s favourite rose gold timepieces.

 Patek’s Calatrava was first introduced in 1932 and its elegant style continues to inspire watch collectors today. Like the Datejust, the Calatrava comes in male and female styles, like this manually wound reference 4905 with 18 carat rose gold casing.

Rose gold has also long been a favourite in the watchmaking world – 24 carat gold tends to be too soft for watch cases so it gets mixed with an alloy, like copper, to toughen it up. The typical copper content in an 18ct rose gold case will be about 20% and sometimes silver is mixed in as well to soften the tone further.

Rose gold’s softer tone suits men and women and has a versatility that makes it very wearable as either a day watch or for a special event. It also adds a touch of warmth to the wrist. Here, David shares his five favourite male and female rose gold watches.Pink is synonymous with romance and over the past couple of years, rose gold has swept through the jewellery market – in 2016 it beat 18-carat white gold as the top choice for engagement rings. In the same year Pantone named Rose Quartz one of its two ‘colours of the year’ alongside a blue hue it called Serenity.


Rolex Deep-Sea Challenge Watch

For almost a century, Rolex has been making state of the art watches. It has built a reputation throughout the world for not only making dependable luxury watches but for also building timepieces that are accurate and attractive as well. The brand has received many awards and certificates throughout the years for its impressive collections. Rolex makes timepiece that range from small to over-sized ones such as the Deep-Sea Challenge watch. Whether for air or deep sea, Rolex has been making functional and durable watches for aviators, divers, and everyone else in between for years.

and tested the first new and upgraded waterproof watch called “Deep Sea Special” to a depth of 10,336 feet that Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh wore on their journey to the deepest part of North Pacific Ocean. Now Rolex is introducing a new addition to their collection with the Deep-Sea Challenge watch. This watch accompanied movie director James Cameron on his latest deep sea expedition to the bottom and deep part of Pacific Ocean. Cameron made this solo descent in submarine called Deep-Sea Challenger and took 2 hours to reach the bottom and another 4 hours to explore the Ocean floor. This waterproof watch has been built as part of an effort to help deep sea exploration, and this particular project was partially funded by .

Currently, the watch has not been made available in any commercial capacity, but it sure is a fascinating watch to contemplate having. It is commendable that Rolex continues to be part scientific exploration and researches. It will be interesting to see future endeavors Rolex will take part in.

The Heritage Collection

The Longines Weems Second Setting watch, Hour Angle, and Greenlander were each initially made exclusively for military use. Today, these original models from the era are incredibly rare and highly collectible. However, the brand has produced modern editions of each iconic model as part of their Heritage collection.One of the brand’s latest military-inspired watches debuted at Baselworld in 2018. The model has a simple name: the Longines Military watch. It echoes the design of the early 1940’s watches supplied to RAF pilots during the war. Longines has taken the utmost care in attention to detail with this model. It’s hard to distinguish it from a vintage piece until you look under the hood. Inside the watch is the modern L888 automatic caliber, which offers a 65-hour power reserve. Even if you’re a vintage enthusiast, this model is a worthy alternative to an authentic vintage piece.

Throughout the brand’s history, Longines has shared a close relationship with various military organizations. During WWII, their timepieces served as indispensable tools for military forces. They most notably supplied watches to the British Royal Air Force and the British Army. Today, Longines continues to honor their military heritage in the watches they produce. Let’s look at the impact of their military past and its continued influence on their design approach

Soon after in 1929, Captain Philip Van Horn Weems of the U.S. Naval Academy helped build on this technology. Together with Longines, they manufactured the Longines Weems Second Setting watch. The model allowed the pilot to synchronize the watch with a precise source of time, typically a radio signal. With the rotating bezel technology or a central subdial, the pilot had a 60-second scale for the synchronization process. The Longines Weems Second Setting watch measured a whopping 48mm for maximum legibility during flight. Allied pilots received most of the models created during WWII. However, a very small number ended up with the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service.




A Rolex Watch To Adorn Their Wrists

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This watch also uses Breitling watches famous Breitling 23 Caliber mechanical movement to move the watch hands. Additionally Bell & Ross Watches, the model has 25 jewels, a glare proofed crystal for viewing, and a 42 hour power reserve. The last technical specification that is worth discussing is that the mechanical movement operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour.

The dial of watch has been made of mother-of-pearl which has been specially designed by the house of Rolex. The movement of the watch is the quartz movement which is reliable and known for giving accurate timing. The watch has been designed with accuracy which is combined with fantastic performance and makes it a superlative watch. The Rolex Sea Dweller Orchid has been draped with unbelievable smartness and has been loved for its looks by woman. The Rolex Cellini Orchid has been designed for woman who believes in smartness and has inherent elegance to win hearts with her appearance.

Why can the Replica watches make you crazy?
High quality replica Rolex Datejust II watches have to go through lots of stringent tests before they are launched into the market. They are manufactured to such perfection that they can compete with the real timepieces in all views. Just take a glance at these gorgeous models Breitling Watches, you will find it hard to spot the differences. Even the professionals who work with watches everyday would find it difficult to tell the two versions apart at first glance. Hence, there is no need to worry that your replica watch would be recognized. No one can spot that it is not a real article, and it is up to you to tell the truth or not.While, we still need a watch to keep track of time and have a taste of luxury, how to do?


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Latest Oyster Perpetual LADY-DATEJUST unique gold crystal surface, sophisticated interpretation of women Enchanting, the watch is completely focused. The surface of the material with a unique way to release the natural crystal gold charm inside. When the surface of the light encounter, this material will be distinguished magic charm, like a brilliant light fantastic distribute, eye-catching bright, develop their watch magnificent temperament. Series in which a model to commemorate the Rolex type dark pattern as embellishment, presented on the surface, it is unlimited thoughts, the watch charm to the extreme.

The new Rolex Lady-Datejust fake watches in yellow or white gold and steel which exude elegance and distinction are the good choices. This harmonious combination of colors and materials, Rolesor Rolex has acquired a cult status, to distinguish with the naked eye. The copy rolex Lady-Datejust gold dial crystals were produced by crystallization of Rolex and gold in its own foundry get developed. The disc may be yellow, gray or pink or decorated.

The high quality Replica Rolex watches are almost impossible to spot. A fancy Rolex replica watch is made by paying attention to even the smallest details. Also, Rolex copy watches meet the highest standards of quality. If you’re after the finest imitation Rolex watches, come to Perfect Watches, the place to find a replica watch suitable for every style and taste.

Most people who wear watches wear them because of their style. The style of best replica watches will help people look their best when they are trying to make a good impression, and they need to have a watch that anyone would notice from a mile away.



When this exquisite namely, 32.7 mm and 27.4 mm in two dimensions, the material also has 18K red gold and gold options. Two kinds of dial design individual charm: simple models dial with white mother of pearl dial decorated with diamond hour markers; and luxury models are based on this to gold butterfly Adds a point of luxury. Both are designed with sparkling diamond table ring. 32.7 mm watch at 6 o’clock with date window.

Ville Classic Series Dewdrop watch case back through vertical matte polished, embossed with the insignia god Chronos time, and etched with the iconic logo Ville.

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Table as the name suggests, this watch series perfect fusion of classic simplicity of style dial, industry-leading movement technology and timeless fashion design. The brand new female form stunning debut, the charm and elegance of luxury jewelry and precise technical perfection when excellent combination meter, the series leading the new generation of fashion trend.Both the larger size of the watch is equipped with 2500 coaxial movement, which is the birth of the outstanding movement declared a major innovation in mechanical watchmaking. Omega 3 years to provide after-sales service guarantee. The smaller size of the Ville Classic Series Dewdrop watches Omega 4061 is equipped with a quartz movement, and a two-year service guarantee. Ville Classic Series Dewdrop watch waterproof to a depth of two sizes reached 30 meters (100 feet / 3 atm)

Omega Caliber 863 Movement

Gold Speedmaster - Caliber 863

You might recognize this model from one of our recent Speedy Tuesday articles. This Speedmaster ’57 Replica model was also done in stainless steel, but Omega also produced 150 of them in 18 carat gold. In this article, we showed Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler wearing one. The case back has the regular Moonwatch engraving (the stainless steel version does not!) and has been engraved with its unique number. Furthermore, it had a sapphire crystal and the new generation of Lemania / Omega hand-wound movements, caliber 1863. Based on the 863, but with an extra jewel and a rhodium plated finish.

n 1999, Omega introduced this white gold Speedmaster Professional Moonphase. Based on the same Lemania movement with moon phase complication (add-on module) as the 1985 Speedmaster Moonphase models, but in a white gold Speedmaster Professional case. When it was released I was under the impression it was meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo XI mission, but there is no such reference on the watch itself. This watch was in production for just a few years, but you don’t come across them very often. This model was only available on a leather strap with folding buckle. Inside, the caliber 1866 movement was fitted. The white gold case back had the standard NASA engraving, like the regular Speedmaster Pro production. Rumor is that there are less than 300 pieces of this watch produced, this is unconfirmed though.

The prices of gold Speedmaster watches start around €10.000 Euro, but don’t expect it to come with any original boxes and paperwork. That said, add a few more and you will have a complete package. For this money, you can also buy a very nice vintage Speedmaster (references 105.012, 145.012 or 105.003 for example), so that might explain why some (purist) collectors rather go for that instead of gold. Or perhaps the gold Speedmasters are still a bit of unknown territory. The interest in gold Speedmaster watches is increasing though, be it very slowly, as prices have increased quite a bit since we originally wrote these two-part articles on the gold Moonwatch models.

Without further ado, below you will find a full overview of all gold Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch models from 1995 till today.Last week we showed you an (updated) overview of all gold Speedmaster Moonwatch models from 1969 till 1995. Let’s continue with these gold Speedmaster watches from 1995 onwards. This article goes back to 2015, but since then, a number of watches in gold have been added to the Speedmaster family. We will keep it Moonwatch only though, so no gold Speedmaster Racing or other 9×00 caliber models.

We ended part I with a 1995 gold Speedmaster Professional that was commemorating the MIR mission of July 1993 – July 1994, where 7 of these gold Speedmaster Professional watches were on board of the space station. Probably the rarest model of all gold Moonwatch models. Also, at the end of the first part, we showed you the regular gold Speedmaster Professional watch that was in production until a few years ago. You might have seen this watch appearing in the flick Money Monster with (Omega ambassador) George Clooney.

Replica Watches are Incredibly Easily Available all over the World

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It great if you can buy a brand new Inhaling and exhaling view for a couple 1000 rupees against when if you pick a unique model the exact same watch, it might cost you by some terrific laky rupee. Won’t it be wonderful when you can imitate your favorite movie star by wearing the identical see she wears and put on it with pride, pricing you as much as you can afford. Needless to say it will probably be fantastic and on this page in which the need of replica watches comes into sight. Today almost everything that is certainly produced authentic and constructed from the rightful managers is counterfeited and made illegally and available in available marketplaces. A market for almost everything exists in today’s instances then one that may meet the need of masses in general will probably be hailed with good results. Replica watches is one these kinds of issue which have motivated peoples creative imagination which has observed great achievement.

Although the developing of replica watches causes approximately $ 1billion reduction to the original observe manufacturers, without having replicated watches, the marketplace for watches might have in no way opened up to the standard individuals throughout the designer watches and entire world will have always stayed a wealthy man’s dream. The buying price of replicated watches is extremely lower which every a good stingy-salary earning person worldwide are able to afford it and use it with pleasure. One thing that concerns probably the most while duplicating a watch is its similarity towards the initial best replica watches. Flawlessness is obtained by picking materials just like unique little bit keeping the entire costs as low as achievable. Consequently, natural leather wrist groups from the unique are with a few similar material, rare metal-plated original becomes never fade-rare metal colored. The dimensions of the replicated view, its engravings, the bodyweight, finishes, dials and coloring are common held near just like the original to ensure that a feeling of wearing the first could be experienced.

Duplicated watches have likewise maintained their particular date with technologies and include almost all modern day gear and methods. Therefore we find chronograph and Swiss movement turned on duplicated watches. Today, on the market, one find a replicated Tag Hewer, a counterfeited Omega or even a Rolex with all of functions related, besides it as a replica of your initial. In addition, replica watches are incredibly easily available all over the world that one can discover it just about anywhere, just about everywhere. Around 40Percent of replicated watches are produced in Asia, with shows in the USA also. Close to 35 zillion replicated watches are produced, distributed and circulated each year throughout the world.  are definitely the watches for the typical man. Getting cheap than the similarly excessive costs authentic see, its making offers its owner the sense of wearing the first 1 with comfortable access around the world. No two uncertainties on the truth that the need and markets for replica watches will almost always be substantial can come what may.

Why buy or sell a watch at StockX?

Watch sellers will incur a fee from StockX, along with a payment processing fee. The total fee is taken from the final sale price of their watch. When placing an Ask, sellers will see exactly what their payout will be, and may adjust the Ask accordingly.

Once StockX receives the watch, and its authenticity and condition are verified, the seller will instantly receive their payout, minus the seller’s fee.StockX is the world’s first stock market of things, more importantly, it’s the first-ever stock market for watches. Buyers place ‘bids’, sellers place ‘asks’ and when a bid and ask meet, the transaction occurs automatically. The best part: StockX ensures everything is 100% authentic and that all of the watches on the platform are in excellent condition.

As a collector or watch enthusiast, you are probably aware of the risks that are out there when buying a watch. Or selling a watch, for that matter. Besides receiving your money, you also want to be sure that the other party is happy with the watch. When buying a watch, you want to be sure that you can trust the seller and that the watch is ‘as described’ so you know what you will receive.

With StockX, you will be assured that the watch will be as offered. All offered watches on StockX are pre-owned, but they make sure that the watches are in nothing but excellent condition. This is being validated by the watchmakers from StockX, who will validate every single watch that will be sold via their website. If a watch doesn’t pass their validation process, it will be returned to the seller and you will receive a refund. You don’t have to worry about receiving a so-called frankenwatch or watch that’s not authentic at all. StockX takes care of the verification and ensures a watch is in the condition as described

Another issue with buying and selling pre-owned watches is determining the right price. You don’t want to sell a watch under market value, but you also don’t want to ask too much with the risk it doesn’t get sold. With StockX, you will have the market value at glance. Everything on StockX is based on the fair market price, you could even perceive this watch as a market thermometer, a stock market basically. This saves you from doing a lot of work on research about pricing, that you have to basically do yourself on existing market platforms and online auctions such as eBay. The added value of StockX is that you can also keep track of the value of your watches, even if you don’t want to buy or sell. Comes in handy!

•The basic premise is that buyers can ‘buy now’ or place a bid for the price they want to pay and sellers can ‘sell now’ or place an ask for a price they want to receive.

•People buy and sell the watches based on a catalog that StockX has created. Unlike ebay or Chrono there is only 1 product page per reference number as there is a standard condition to all of the watches.

•StockX uses manufacturers images because it guarantees that watches will be in a standard Excellent condition and therefore you don’t need to see the actual watch as the condition is standard.

•As a buyer you can tell the world you want to buy a watch at a certain price even if there is no existing price on the platform by placing a bid. Sellers around the world will see your price and can source the watch at your price if its competitive.

Breitling Chronomat Automatic GMT Watch

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The unidirectional rotating stainless steel bezel with a screened black enamel top ring surrounds the black dial with three subdials, date and day windows, luminous skeleton hands and markers. Features include 1/10th of second, small-second and 30-minute countdown timers.Additional features include a scratch resistant Flame Fusion crystal above the dial, a locking screw-down crown and case back for water-resistance to 500 meters or 1,650 feet and premium quartz movement inside.

As ever today with watch collectors and aficionados, along with fashion forward men and women throughout the globe. The average size today on most men’s timepieces is approximately 42mm in diameter, while the average size on most women’s watch styles is approximately 37mm in diameter.

The oversized watch trend started in the early part of this century with popular watchmakers TAG Heuer, Invicta, U-Boat and Breitling offering extra-large models for men with cases measuring more than 42mm in diameter and 15mm thick. The trend was soon adapted for women by watchmakers TechnoMarine and Michele, who introduced larger scale women’s watches with chronograph dials and generously oversized cases. Prior to this, most men’s watches averaged 37mm to 39mm diameter in size, while most women’s watches were well under 30mm in diameter in size.

Bold, amply proportioned timepieces for men and women are the focus of attention this week at World of Watches with our Oversized Watches: Go Big Or Go Home Event for 2017 event. Over 250 popular styles are featured in the promotion, including highly-sought after styles from Invicta, Lucien Piccard, Breitling, Michael Kors, TechnoMarine, Raymond Weil, Ingersoll, U-Boat, Glycine, Casio, Luminox and Swiss Legend.

Invicta watches have been at the forefront of the oversized watch movement and the Swiss-made Invicta Reserve Chronograph in stainless steel does not disappoint with a robust 52mm diameter, 22mm thick case in brushed stainless steel, presented on an attractive triple-link bracelet in brushed and polished stainless steel with black ion-plated stainless steel accents on the bracelet, crown and push-piece covers.